The Classic White Pant with Chambray denim shirt

Outline Clothing Embraces the White Pant.

A timeless pair of white pants can help you brighten up your wardrobe.

Just like any other denim shade, white jeans come in a variety of hues, and various styles and sizes to complement any body shape. 

Want to look more relaxed? Try a slightly sloppy or distressed pair. Trying to make your outfit better with more formal outfits and fashionable shoes, a traditional straight or slender pair looks terrific. White jeans have got your back booty no matter what your mood is today.

Every wardrobe should have lots of denim, but you might find that you load up on blue and black jeans before ever thinking about including a pair of white jeans.

Outline Clothing has a collection of white and neutral pants and jeans suitable for everyday wear including wearing to the office or school drop offs.

White pants never go out of style whatever your age or size.

White jeans are, let's face it, somewhat underappreciated. Since they are neutral enough to go with anything, they are just as flexible as other classic denim pieces and are a great choice for the warmer spring and summer months. But for some reason, we don't tend to wear them as frequently as we do other denim clothing. 

An obstacle for the wearing of white jeans is of course getting them dirty. Therefore, while eating and drinking, you might need to exercise a little bit extra caution. It's a negligible cost to incur! These stylish jeans are well worth the price.

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White Jeans at Outline Clothing Geraldine


We suggest the white pant is best for wearing in the summer, but you can also wear them in between seasons.

It's a stylish and edgy essential that goes great with both casual and semi-formal attire. They suit well with practically anything, from traditional dark hue tops to tops in vibrant, vivid colours and prints. My personal favourite is the chambray shirt, which may appear unassuming but gives you the perfect appeal for a dapper street walk if you pair it with your favourite white skinnies.

As decreed by the fashion gods, white pants have long been associated with summer style.

As we transition through Spring and onto Summer, Now! is the ideal time to wear airy white and linen pants. 
We can finally treat our summer clothing to the light and airy touch it deserves by pulling out all those floral shirts, braided wedges, and crisp, white slacks from the back corners of our closet.

White pants are such a classic wardrobe essential, no matter the situation.

Whether they come in the form of crisp denim jeans or breezy linen bottoms, the pants offer so much style adaptability that they may be worn to the office, an outdoor BBQ, brunch with friends, or even a daily school run.

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