Sizing Chart

At Outline Clothing, sourcing brands that not only have high quality fabrics but also tailored to flatter womens figures is very important to us and our customers.

Outline Clothing Size Chart

At Outline Clothing  we stock a variety of brands, dress sizes vary. Knowing your correct New Zealand size provides a starting point. From there, you can convert your dress size to the brand's sizing. 

A quick guide about knowing your body shape and what has been tried and tested for a flattering look:

Pear-shaped figures - choose open-neck or off-the-shoulder dresses to bring attention to your upper body.

Straight body -  choose A-line dresses to add curves

Apple shape - choose empire waist dresses as the higher waistline draws the attention up​ ​

Must-Know Dress Measuring Tips

Check out the following advice before you measure yourself. Your bust, waist, and hips will all be measured, but there are different methods and advice for each:

Bust- Measure the widest area of your bust for an accurate bust measurement. Mark the measurement where the ends of the tape overlap as you go around.

Waist - Pull your shirt up to just below the bust at the waist. Place the measuring tape directly on your skin, avoiding any clothing. Measure all the way around while holding the measuring tape loosely, starting two inches above your belly button.

Hips- Stand in your underpants in front of a mirror to check your hips. Find the centre point by beginning at the broadest part of your hips. To take the measurement, place your thumb there and wrap the measuring tape around your hips.

Important Note:

Try to keep the measuring tape loose; if you have the tape snug you will risk having a garment that is too tight. Two fingers should fit comfortably between the measuring tape and your skin.

Dress length terminology.

Dresses come in a variety of lengths, each with different names:

  • Mini – The traditional mini skirt that hits mid-thigh
  • Above the knee – This length is slightly longer than a mini but hits ‘above the knee’
  • Knee – The dress hits the at about the mid-knee
  • Below knee – Most below-the-knee dresses hit an inch or two below the knee
  • Below mid-calf – The dress hits just below the mid-point of your calf
  • Ballerina or maxi – The dress drapes the top of your ankles
  • Ankle length – The dress goes down to the end of your ankles
  • Midi length any length from below-the-knee to floor.
  • Floor length – The dress drapes down to your toes

For more guidance on correct sizing, please contact us.

Outline Clothing - 34 Talbot Street - Geraldine - South Canterbury - Ph 03 693 7118