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Why Linen Clothes Are Always in Fashion?

At Outline Clothing we believe there is nothing better for spring and summer than a stylish piece of beautifully cut and perfectly coloured linen clothing. Indeed, our top designers have embraced the sustainability and beauty of linen, so you'll find it in every collection this year - you'll be spoiled for choice.

Linen taupe one shoulder dress from Outline Clothing

Surrender to the wrinkle

First and foremost, linen wrinkles easily, and this is due to its lack of elasticity. So if a few designer organic wrinkles really bother you, perhaps this is not the texture for you.

It's very common for it to wrinkle, so when we throw on our favourite linen set, we usually just accept it and move on. The natural wrinkles they produce throughout the day are almost like a natural accessory to the fabric, but that is entirely up to you.

If you want to remove wrinkles from a piece before wearing it, you can either steam it or spray it with wrinkle-release. Overall, we believe wrinkles are unavoidable and are part of what distinguishes linen, but if wrinkles really do bother you, here are a few pointers:

  • After washing, hang out to dry outside
  • Ironing is optional, but if you do, iron while the fabric is still damp.
  • Instead of folding it and storing it in a drawer, hang it in a closet.
  • Are you in a hurry? Spray it with water and use your hands to smooth out any extra-wrinkly areas.
  • Have no time to iron? Put it in the dryer for 10 minutes with an ice cube.

Linen does not pill or shrink, yet the more you wash it, the softer it becomes. Never use bleach on your linen; instead, use a simple cold-wash cycle with a gentle detergent. It also does not need to be dry-cleaned due to its durability.

High-quality linens will last for years if you take proper care of them. And, fortunately for you, linen is timeless.

Watermelon linen pants from Outline Clothing

Invest in linen.

Fortunately, linen clothing is always in style, so investing in a great linen piece now will give you excellent cost-per-wear value because it will look beautiful for years. Linen is a durable fabric, meaning your clothing will last longer than clothing made of lower quality fabrics. They can withstand numerous washings and even soften over time.

Regardless of changes in shapes, cuts, lengths, and colours, linen fabric remains timeless. For those of us concerned about environmental sustainability, linen is an excellent choice for clothing.

By choosing classic styles in this timeless fabric, you can future-proof your wardrobe while also feeling prepared for the new season.

Linen is Comfortable to wear

There's a reason they're so popular in the summer: natural fibres absorb moisture while quickly releasing it back into the air. This means you don't perspire as much underneath.

Furthermore, the fabric is breathable and slightly cooling, particularly when the airy material is a bit loose.

Natural colour Linen Pants from Outline Clothing

Simple to care for: 

The finely woven linen fibres are particularly strong, tear-resistant, and long-lasting. Although the fabric is inelastic and thus not crease-free, it is dirt-repellent and lint-free, making it simple to clean. Furthermore, natural fibres should be especially beneficial to allergy sufferers.

Perfect for all sizes

The beauty of linen dresses is that they flatter almost every figure. There are not only small dress sizes but also in more generous sizing for shirts, blazers and pants. The breathable fabric leaves you confident that wearing linen keeps you cooler all day. Linen is for everyone.

Linen can be used to create an entire outfit or as a statement piece.

A white button-down is the ultimate blank canvas, crisp and effortlessly cool. You can dress it up or down. Wear it tucked in or out. Dress simply or lavishly. With this wardrobe staple, the possibilities are limitless.

It's also fun to experiment with different textures, such as linen and cotton or linen and rayon, but linen on linen works just as well. 

Linen is simple enough to throw on for a few errands but stylish enough to pack in your suitcase for that vacation you can't stop fantasizing about.

When it comes to shoes, any style is acceptable. Sandals, sneakers, or high heels—linen is the ultimate versatile fabric that goes with everything. When it comes to wearing it, we have one piece of advice for you: embrace the wrinkle!

Harlequin linen jacket oatmeal and navy stripes from Outline Clothing

Linen and Outline Clothing

It's exciting to see Linen coming in hot for spring and summer 2022. At Outline Clothing you are spoilt for choice with our online selection.

It's light and breezy, and it begs to be worn on a hot summer day. 

Whether you're going to the office, working from home, or going out on the weekend, linen is perfect choice.


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